Loan Modification

When a mortgage has become unmanageable and a traditional loan refinancing is not an option, we present workable loss mitigation solutions that can help you keep your home.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would a Lender rather modify your loan as opposed to foreclosing on your home?

  • Lenders DO NOT want to foreclose on your home
  • Lenders make money by charging Borrowers interest
  • The foreclosure process is expensive for the Lender and the Borrower
How did this happen?

The subprime mortgage meltdown and the decline in real estate values and real estate sales has resulted in hundreds of thousands of individuals facing loss of their properties through foreclosure. Many individuals are walking away from their properties without evaluating whether there were alternatives that might have resulted in saving the property, minimizing the damage to their credit score, or avoiding a deficiency judgment. At the law office of Eleni C. Pantaridis, P.A., we believe that you should evaluate all of your options and be advised of the legal consequences of the actions you may take before a property is lost to foreclosure. In some cases, a short sale offers a possible solution.

How we can help you?

We handle all aspects of the Loan Modification Process, including but not limiting the following:
  • Review and analysis of your loan documents and financial circumstances to determine nature and extent of your obligations
  • Completion and submission of Lender documentation
  • Help you develop the best strategy for your situation
  • Negotiate a Loan Modification and workout agreement with your Lender to allow you to keep your home or investment property
  • Negotiate of the terms to ensure the lowest interest rate and lowest monthly payment
  • Final review of the Loan Modification and act as closing agent
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